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In-House Engineering

In-House Engineering

CHM has an ever-growing team of skilled drafters and engineers working on every structure project we build. Our team includes drafters, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and Manufacturing Engineers working together to ensure the highest quality structure for each project. CHM utilizes our own team of engineers and drafters, unlike many firms that outsource this critical portion of the project to 3rd parties (sometimes in other countries).

Drafting and Detailing

Highly Skilled Drafting & Detailing

Our drafting team is the front-end production team within CHM. They need to provide not only accurate and complete project drawings for our customers but ensure each job is wholly and entirely detailed for the production floor. Our drafting team utilizes cutting-edge 3D modeling technology to ensure proper fit and finish of every part on your tower and to ensure that any fit problems are identified in the drafting process and not on the shop floor.

Budgetary Pricing & Design Assistance for New Projects

Our sales team is accustomed to working with nearly every type of project. From structures that are completely designed by our customers to Greenfield design projects where the entire transmission line needs to be engineered from scratch. Our team is available to work with customers to determine budgetary pricing, provide initial calculations and validation of designs, and assist in design revisions as the project goes through its natural life cycle.

Have a project you need to design today but may not be built for over a year? No problem! CHM is here to assist you through every stage of the project life cycle.



Our inside sales team is experienced and trained in reviewing your project specifications and drawings to ensure full compliance with our proposals. We understand every customer is unique, and our inside sales team will be your first stop at CHM to ensure we fully understand your requirements and provide a prompt and accurate proposal.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer service starts with our inside sales team. We are supporting our inside sales and management teams, including production, materials, procurement, and others, to ensure accurate and prompt responses to our customers.

Project Management

Our dedicated project management team works in tandem with our inside sales team to track your project to ensure we are meeting milestones and progressing as quickly as possible.

Field Service

Our daily goal and objective are zero defects and continually and constantly improving our quality. If, for whatever reason, your project or product experiences an issue that requires expert field assistance, CHM has a dedicated and trained team of field service staff that can travel to your job site to oversee, review, inspect, and field repairs or review your project may require.

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